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Clean music is important for weddings from a professional standpoint as it’s inclusive to all present; however, if you have specific explicit songs you’d like played, this would be discussed and documented for your night.

Absolutely! We offer custom packages, various payment options and free & flexible payment plans leading up to your day.

Our business is set up to handle two parts of the wedding process. Mark Caravaggio and client care coordinator on staff are your 24-7 client care team, taking care of everything leading up to wedding day. This is an integral part of our unique approach to weddings. Each of our team members have 20+ years of experience, and because of our planning approach, they can focus on wedding day execution which is what they love. We should note that our DJ’s really appreciate that we handle all of the planning as it’s a very involved process.

You would have private access to our wedding planning website where you can document all of your day’s music. This gives you access to our database of music, and you can also add your own custom requests if necessary. Saying this, some of our clients have their own approach to creating their playlists; for example, creating a Spotify playlist or Excel spreadsheet. It really comes down to your personal preference and how you’d like to keep things organized in the planning process.

If it’s your wish to meet with your DJ/Emcee prior to your day, this will be arranged at your convenience. Our recommendation is to potentially have your DJ/Emcee present during our final details meeting.

Yes. To us, this provides some additional memories that you may not see at a lot of weddings and we embrace this opportunity. In your wedding planning website, you’d have the chance to save your own specific requests if these are not found in our database. Special attention is paid to these requests to ensure we have everything we need prior to your wedding day.

We always have a few DJ’s on reserve for just this reason. If it’s a true last minute emergency, Mark Caravaggio himself also personally serves as the emergency day of DJ/Emcee should something happen on the day of your wedding.

Yes. In your planning website, there is a “music requests” area where you can search for specific songs or artists within our database. Our database is always kept up to date with current radio music.

Indeed. Typically, we say the most successful celebrations offer a wonderful mix of music & genres through all decades, from the 1950’s to today’s Top 40.

For standard DJ setups for 200 guests and less, we provide two 1000W speakers, wireless microphone, DJ mixing console. Subwoofers can be included in our setup if necessary. Keep in mind that certain venues restrict subwoofers from being used. Additional equipment can be provided if needed, for example for a separate ceremony/cocktail hour location and lighting if included with package.

Yes it does. Each setup & tear down procedure is unique for each venue and we don’t feel comfortable charging you for that service. Your agreement will have documented your specific “playing time”, which means the times in which we’re playing music for your day.

We have multiple clauses in your wedding agreement which cover you in the case of a cancellation or postponement arising for your day. Although your deposit is non-refundable, it’s fully transferrable to another available date if needed. Flexibility is very important to us as life can be unpredictable and we like to rise to the challenge under any circumstances that arise.

Please add HST to all of our packages, unless otherwise stated as part of a promotion.

Never. We are very transparent in our conversations with you surrounding all fees, and each of our package offerings include your specifically chosen services. You always have the option to transfer to a different package at any time throughout the planning process.

Lighting can be grouped into two different categories: Dance Floor Lighting and Uplighting. See samples here.

We sure do! All of our packages include private access to your very own customized Wedding Planning Website, as well as a “Getting Started” email with sample timelines and game ideas. This allows you to access this website through all your devices to make informed decisions and document the wedding traditions that you may want or not want on your day. It also allows you to create a unique and detailed timeline for your day, as well as curate a “Must Play”/”Do Not Play” list for your day. This website allows us to collaborate together all the way up until your wedding day where your unique website details will then be executed on your day by our DJ and (if added) Emcee.

We sure do. We currently have a partnership with Campfire Circle. Learn more here.

We do not. We have photo booth companies that we refer that are professional in their craft. Let us know if you need any referrals!

For us, each and every wedding is a unique musical experience, along with the DJ that is present; one that cannot be replicated in advance of your day. Pre-mixes is something we purposely avoid putting out in public for this reason. It’s important to note that each of our DJ’s all have 20+ years of DJ experience so mixing music through the decades is extremely important to us, and also song selection and custom mixes for each wedding are crucially important to us.

It sure is! inTUNE made the transition to running this business full time around 10 years ago, and we’ve never looked back. The reason why this is important to know is because we’ve dedicated our life to this business and we’re fully invested in it. This starts and ends with client care.

Professionalism, wedding planning, having a uniquely streamlined approach and being incredibly transparent with our values are all key elements where we stand out. We consistently receive feedback about how professional we are, and this could be surrounding our first meeting to our excellent communication to our wedding day execution or our 24-7 committed client care that could all stand out. Our planning approach is unique in that we take on much of the responsibility and stress that is otherwise left to you, so we’re collaborating together as a team together in advance of your wedding day and we offer creative input and suggestions around what may work for you and your guests. We believe the planning process should be fun, not stressful. We often receive comments about how user friendly but still extremely detailed the process was. When we first connect, it should become apparent that our goal is to take care of you through the entire wedding planning experience.

For high wedding season (May to Oct) weddings, usually around the end of March we’d be assigning your DJ/Emcee for your day between May to Oct. If your wedding is outside of wedding season, usually a few months prior to your wedding day.

Absolutely! In fact, this is very common at our weddings. We also do a lot of private property weddings so logistics, setup locations, power access etc. are items we collaborate on extensively.

Flexibility, patience and compassion have all been integral for us during covid times. We have a covid clause in your agreement which allows for a free deposit transfer should the date need to change due to covid. For many of our covid weddings, we need to adapt and change our approach due to restrictions, which is never a problem for us and we embrace whatever changes come our way.

With your printed “Must Plays”, we try to fit in as much of this music as we can, while handling live requests from your guests and also reading your crowd to understand how we can complement your request list with our selections. Keep in mind that you’ll most likely have a “Do Not Play” list; this is an important element as we want to ensure we’re staying away from what you simply don’t prefer to be played at your wedding.

The “trust factor” is something we build in advance of your wedding; it’s important that we have an agreement in place in advance of your day where if your guests aren’t responding to your desired requests, we can change things up on the fly. Reading a crowd takes a lot of experience and is one of a DJ’s strongest attributes. It’s also one of the many reasons you’ve hired us! Trusting the process is so vital to a successful experience.

We love music requests as the night is never about us, it’s about you and your guests. Handling requests in a professional manner while also understanding your unique “Must Plays” and “Do Not Plays” is important for the DJ. For example, if a guest is requesting a song that clearly on your “do not play” list, we can kindly suggest another option for them, understanding the style of music they’re after.

This is something we collaborate on throughout the planning process. Ultimately, it’s our role to explain how your wedding reception can potentially play out, and knowing the guests that will be present and the vibe you’re after will go a long way into deciding how engaging your DJ can be. We can make your event as interactive as you’d like it to be!