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A good DJ at your celebration can go a long way. DJs can be the difference between everybody having a good time or a bad time at your events. A great way to ensure that your wedding is a success is by hiring a professional DJ.

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With inTUNE DJ services, we work to make every wedding ceremony and party an absolute blast with a team of super-friendly and licensed wedding DJs that serve clients in Fergus and the surrounding area. We are a DJ company based out of southwestern Ontario that specializes in event entertainment and provides professional DJ services. Our DJ business is here to help you find the right sound for your wedding and can help you pick the music for the dances.

What We Offer

Wedding DJ Services For Your Dance Floor In Fergus

If you're getting married soon and looking for a wedding DJ service to play all the music you love, our DJ team and event coordinators are here to cater to all of your needs. Your beautiful day isn't complete without a professional DJ to play all the right music so you can dance all night long. Our extremely friendly vendor team is ready to welcome your guests on your wedding day, assist in lighting the area, and ensure that your event experience is top notch.

 We Provide Wedding DJs AND Emcees

While a DJ will be there to play the music and keep the parties going all night, an MC will help with serving your guests and ensuring that everyone has a fun time! Many of our entertainment packages can include professional MC services! 

Your special events are important to us. Contact us to see how our MCs or DJs can help you!

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Part of any DJ service is choosing the sound and vibe for the day. We have a wide collection of all the best music for you to choose from. We cater to your likes and dislikes to ensure that the sound of your wedding is perfect. Whether you request tons of country, rock, jazz, or hip hop music, our professional DJs have got it covered at your celebration. Our team works closely with our Fergus clients to ensure that the playlist of songs and the entertainment for the night is perfect.

We are there with you throughout the whole wedding planning process to ensure you have a truly fantastic music experience at your wedding ceremony and reception. We also work with photographers to ensure the lighting at your Fergus reception is set up correctly.

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Wedding DJs are music specialists who work to find the sound of your wedding. At inTUNE, we specialize in providing DJ service for weddings all across southwestern Ontario, including the Greater Toronto Area. Your dream day involves dancing, music, and tons of smiles throughout the whole evening. 

We've also had the pleasure of working with amazing indoor and outdoor wedding venues throughout Ontario. We had a great time at such venues as Erin Estate, CJ Country Events and Barn Swallow Fields at Thatcher Farms. Our company offers an unmatched level of DJ service when you work with us! When you hire us for your wedding, you'll have peace of mind knowing that all of your favourite obscure song requests and dance numbers will go over perfectly!


"Thank you soooooo much Mark for what you and your team did. PERFECT! Not only was the music spot on, but the music volume was amazing. People could chat and catch up without having to yell over the music and it was at the best volume to dance to.Your team made the day perfect. Thank you again for making our night perfect. You and your team are amazing. Thanks again old friend. Extra thanks to Frances for a great memorable night."

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We are your entertainment and DJ experts ready to make your Fergus celebration fun for everyone! We are happy to talk through price, sound, lighting, and event preparation with you at a free consultation in order to make your dreams come true! When you book a wedding DJ with us for your Fergus wedding, you can trust that we will meet your needs as we have years of experience in the wedding industry.

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With free 24/7 support and help with event planning up until the wedding, we make serving you our number one priority. We welcome all requests for wedding DJ services and pride ourselves on being a diverse and inclusive team of professionals. With a diverse set of backgrounds, sexes, and ages, we have the experience that we use when working at any event.

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