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October 26, 2023

Rustic Wedding Venues: How to Incorporate Nature into Your Decor

A rustic wedding setting is a celebration of simplicity, beauty, and the timeless appeal of nature. Wedding ideas for decor that stem from this appreciation of the beauty of natural surroundings will ensure your rustic wedding venue is complemented fully and its natural charm will shine through. To make the most of a rustic wedding, […]


A rustic wedding setting is a celebration of simplicity, beauty, and the timeless appeal of nature. Wedding ideas for decor that stem from this appreciation of the beauty of natural surroundings will ensure your rustic wedding venue is complemented fully and its natural charm will shine through.

To make the most of a rustic wedding, incorporating natural elements into your decor is key. This not only enhances the ambiance but also creates an authentic and enchanting atmosphere.

The Appeal of Rustic Wedding Decor and Settings

Rustic weddings provide an opportunity to connect with the natural world. With a range of natural surroundings to choose from, including forests, meadows, and barns, the romantic ambiance promotes a sense of tranquility and simplicity. It also lends a nostalgic and relaxed vibe to the occasion that feels welcoming and inclusive. Rustic settings create a perfectly intimate and cozy atmosphere for a wedding, while offering a touch of timeless elegance.

While some worry that rustic charm feels too rough for a wedding, embracing the beauty of natural surroundings and elements like wood and delicate wildflowers will never cease to appeal. There are several rustic wedding theme choices that are all excellent for a wedding day, giving you a range of ways to express your personality and have a setting that is elevated and unforgettable.

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Rustic Wedding Theme Ideas

Below is some rustic wedding theme inspiration. These themes let you add more personality into the celebrations, elevate the surroundings, and are appropriate for a grand occasion like a wedding day.

  • Vintage: Use vintage decor like lace tablecloths, antique furniture, and mismatched china, with old family photos for centerpieces for a classic, timeless ambiance. You have the complete ability to tailor the decor perfectly to your personality. For couples that travel lots, celebrate the spirit of adventure by incorporating vintage suitcases, maps, and globes
  • Bohemian: Boho chic details such as colourful rugs, vibrant flowers, unique seating arrangements, and flower crowns for all guests, not just the flower girls create a free-spirited atmosphere.
  • Country and Western: Celebrate the rustic theme with a Western twist. Encourage guests to wear cowboy boots and hats. Decorate with horseshoes, hay, and barrels, and serve up a BBQ or chili buffet.
  • Rustic Elegance: Use chandeliers, crystal glassware, and fine linens and other upscale touches to elevate.
  • Forest, Woodland, or Sylvan Glade: Embrace the enchantment of the woods, and decorate with moss, fairy lights, and tree bark elements for a magical feel.
  • Nautical: Create a coastal feel with driftwood, seashells, and navy blue and white accents.
  • Garden: A garden setting with lush greenery, floral arches, and wooden benches creates a romantic atmosphere.
  • Fairytale: A whimsical touch transforms an outdoor wedding into a fairytale. Try hanging lanterns, a canopy of twinkling lights, and other fantasy touches.

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Incorporating Nature into Your Rustic Wedding Decor

When your venue has natural charm, you want to ensure your wedding decorations complement and elevate the setting, and fully embrace the beauty of nature.

Wooden Accents

Wood is a quintessential natural element for rustic decor. Incorporate wooden tables, chairs, and centerpieces, and brighten them with flowers and greenery.

Natural Floral Arrangements

Wildflowers and locally sourced blooms can be sturdy and beautiful; bouquets, centerpieces, and boutonnieres offer an organic, just-picked look. Make sure your choices last well after cutting, however. Flowers in earthy tones like whites, creams, soft pinks, and sage greens complement the aesthetic.


Lush greenery and foliage add a touch of nature. Garlands along the aisle and on tables, or greenery chandeliers create a breathtaking effect. A variety of foliage can provide the textures and effects you are looking for. Potted plants and succulents can also be used.

Natural Fabrics

Choose natural fabrics in earthy or neutral colours; burlap, linen, and lace add texture to your table runners, chair sashes, and draperies. These textures evoke the rustic vibe and add depth to your decor.

Wooden Signs with Calligraphy

Wooden signs with calligraphy for directional signage and seating charts are useful and appealing. The contrast between the rustic wood and delicate calligraphy creates visual impact and authenticity.

Lanterns and Candles

Hang lanterns from tree branches or place them on tables, or place tealights in mason jars decorated with greenery. Ensure you are not creating any fire hazards, though.

Natural Table Decor

Choose rustic tableware made of wood, clay, or ceramics for an authentic touch. Wooden chargers, clay plates, and mason jar drinking glasses can elevate your table settings. Custom wood-engraved name cards and flowers add final touches. Decorate tables with your nature-inspired wedding favours, too; mini potted plants, seed packets, or honey jars will be appreciated, and are attractive on the table.

Ceremony Arch

Create a stunning ceremony arch with branches, twigs, and flowers, or decorate one with seasonal blooms or greenery. The arch serves as a stunning backdrop for photos.

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Outdoor Weddings

An outdoor wedding offers the unique opportunity to fully immerse yourself and your guests in the natural beauty of your chosen venue, but it does create some challenges for decorating. Outdoor weddings need minimal decorating because they naturally have a beautiful backdrop, but there are ways to tailor the area for a wedding.

Hang mason jar lanterns, flower garlands, or fairy lights onto pergolas, tree branches, or other structures. Line your ceremony aisle with petals, wildflowers, or potted plants, or use pinecones, leaves, and pebbles. Choose wooden or wicker seating, and adorn each chair with a simple bouquet or greenery.

Versatility and Elegance

While rustic decor is often associated with a raw, weathered, and rugged aesthetic not suitable for a wedding, it is actually a versatile canvas that celebrates the natural beauty of the outdoors and can seamlessly adapt to various themes, including elegant and sophisticated ones.

A harmonious balance between the natural elements and refined details needs to be struck. To add a touch of sophistication, for textured fabrics, choose lace or finer linens. For flowers and greenery, choose more delicate options. For your earthy colour scheme, choose soft, muted color palettes.

By carefully curating your decor choices, you can achieve a wedding that exudes elegance, depth, and authenticity and connects to the captivating beauty of nature.

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Enchanting Choices

Incorporating nature and natural elements into your rustic wedding decor is the key to creating a magical and authentic atmosphere. There are countless ways to infuse nature into your special day to create a memorable celebration that captures the timeless beauty of nature.

One of the challenges that can arise with weddings in rustic settings is the music for the reception. At inTUNE, we're experienced in setting up our DJ and Emcee services in a wide variety of venues, so you don't need to compromise your unique, natural setting.

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