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Waterloo Wedding DJ Services

One thing that the most memorable weddings all have in common is music. A professional DJ can make your Waterloo wedding vision a reality. At inTUNE, we go above and beyond to make your wedding day perfect with a team of licensed DJ professionals that serve clients in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, and the Greater Toronto Area. Whether it's an intimate outdoor wedding ceremony or a larger indoor reception, our wedding DJ services are designed to create a fun-filled dance floor at your Waterloo wedding ceremony or reception. Our professional wedding DJ team and entertainment coordinators are here to cater to all of your wedding day needs.

Hit the Dance Floor in Waterloo, Ontario

A beautiful Waterloo, Ontario wedding reception isn't complete without a wedding DJ to keep the party going and music pumping. From the first dance to the last, we know that music plays a major role when ensuring everyone has a great time. We provide wedding DJ services at reasonable rates that are designed to bring people together at your Waterloo wedding. All of our DJs have musical backgrounds that include years of wedding DJ experience.

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Professional Party Services For Your Upcoming Waterloo, Ontario Ceremony

A disc jockey is a licensed music professional who is hired to play music and engage with crowds at important events. At inTUNE, we provide disc jockey service and entertainment packages that can take your Kitchener, Cambridge, or Waterloo event to the next level. As well, we can provide additional event planning services and visual equipment rentals. Your special day isn't complete without a wedding DJ service to set the soundtrack for the night.

MC and DJ Service in Waterloo, Ontario

While DJs will be playing the music to keep people dancing the night away, an MC will help entertain the guests and ensure that everyone has fun at your Kitchener, Waterloo, and Toronto events! At inTUNE, we provide both Emcee and DJ services so you can be sure that your Waterloo wedding will be a hit with all of your guests, from the first dance to the last.

Your big event in Waterloo or Kitchener isn't complete without the absolutely amazing team of entertainment specialists and wedding DJs.

Our Extensive Music Library

Explore All Kinds of Genres and Songs

When you hear the right song, it's impossible to not dance to it. At inTUNE, we know just how important music is for people, so we work with our clients to cater to your desires and wishes when it comes to the sound of your Kitchener or Waterloo event. We have a vast selection of music available to choose from including genres like classic rock, pop, electronic, and jazz. Great DJ service means working closely with our clients to ensure that the playlist is perfect for their weddings. We also work with our Waterloo and Kitchener clients to ensure that the lighting matches the mood of the night.

When you contact us, we set up a free initial consultation with you in order to get a sense of the type of reception and ceremony you want and how we can help you achieve this. As well, we talk through the price of the DJ and entertainment services for your Waterloo area wedding.

We Work With Amazing Wedding Venues In Waterloo, Ontario

 Our Preferred Venues

Booking a wedding in Waterloo or the surrounding area? Do you have a venue already in mind?

We've had the pleasure of working closely with amazing Waterloo wedding venues, including St. George Banquet Hall, Hauser Hall, Pine Valley Chalet, The Timber Barn, Cellar 52, Bingemans, Grey Silo Golf Club, Steckle Heritage Farm, The Walper Hotel, ABE ERB, and Elle Wedding Villa & Gardens. 

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Experience Pure Joy With A Wedding DJ

If you're getting married and hosting a party in Waterloo, Ontario, you can trust that your weddings will be filled with energy thanks to a licensed DJ from our entertainment team. We provide DJ services that keep guests of different ages dancing to songs at your event. Trust the entertainment experts at inTUNE to provide DJ services you can have fun with!

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Our 24/7 Support Promise

When you book your entertainment DJ services with us for your Waterloo, Ontario wedding, you can trust that we will meet your needs. With 24/7 support up until the wedding, we make serving you our number one priority. We welcome all requests for DJ inquiries for Waterloo weddings and pride ourselves on being a diverse and inclusive team of music professionals. With a diverse set of backgrounds, sexes, and ages, we have the experience that we use when providing DJ and entertainment services for any event.

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